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Chef MiMi's Supper Club

Welcome to Chef MiMi’s enchanting realm of culinary adventures, where every meal is a voyage into the heart of a different culture. As an exclusive member of the Supper Club, you are invited to not just dine, but to immerse yourself in a gastronomic experience that awakens all your senses.

Discover, Dine and Delight in Culinary Wonders from Around the World!

A Feast for the Eyes, Ears, and Palate

Each Supper Club evening, set in the intimate ambiance of Chef MiMi’s home, is a curated trip to a unique corner of the world. You will enjoy a mocktail, tapas and music in the front parlor while the meal is being prepared. You will then be invited into the dining room.

Chef MiMi will explain the courses, and any cooking utensils and techniques which are relevant to the dish, as they are served. The meal is typically three courses, sometime four. 

As the aroma of authentic, plant-based dishes fills the air, your surroundings transform. The décor mirrors the region of choice, and the soft melodies of local music add an authentic touch to your experience. From vibrant Mediterranean mezzes to tantalizing tapas, every bite tells a story.

Learn, Cook and Connect

But it’s not just about indulgence. While Chef MiMi meticulously prepares each dish, she shares with her guests the rich history behind it, its origin, and the health benefits of its ingredients. As you eat, you can discuss cooking techniques, health tips, and fascinating tales that make every meal special. At the end of the evening, depart with not only cherished memories but also a detailed recipe to recreate the magic in your kitchen.

Cuisine for Health Benefits

Chef MiMi understands the deep connection between food and well-being. For those navigating specific health milestones, such as menopause, fertility, or other health concerns, she offers specialized meals designed to nourish and heal. By integrating age-old culinary wisdom with contemporary knowledge, Chef MiMi ensures every guest leaves feeling satiated and revitalized.

Exclusive Access to a Culinary Wonderland

Chef Mimi’s Supper Club is a sought-after experience and is exclusive to our loyal subscribers. Every time a Supper is announced, our members are the first to know, giving them a privileged opportunity to reserve their spot. But remember, with the intimacy of the experience comes limited availability. Each supper is an intimate gathering, ensuring every guest receives Chef MiMi’s personal touch.

Join Us!

To be a part of this culinary journey, subscribe to Chef Mimi’s Meal Club Service. Embrace an evening where friends old and new come together, forging connections over shared plates and stories. Dive deep into the rich tapestry of global cuisines, all in the warmth of Chef MiMi’s home.

Your plate, your passport to the world. Join us at Chef MiMi’s Global Supper Club and let your culinary journey begin!

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