Cumberland Island Adventure


Arrival: We will make reservations for you on the 11:45 am National Park ferry from St. Marys, GA.
Our programs will begin after lunch on the day you arrive.
Departure: Programs end with departures on the 10:15 am Ferry on the last day. Ferry transfers are included, however there is a National Park fee of $15 PP, unless you have an America the Beautiful pass.


Our Wellness Adventures are designed to foster a blend of levity and holistic well-being, perfect for those who prefer their experience imbued with a touch of lightheartedness and a substantial dash of wellness for mind, body and spirit. Steering away from stringent schedules and rigorous routines, we craft experiences that are steeped in the “green and blue” concept, encouraging immersion in nature’s lush landscapes and tranquil waters, promoting a harmonious balance between the body and the mind.