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Inspired by Nature, Infused with Spirit

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MiMi McGee is an artist who shares her name with the spirit people who live in the rocks of Northern Australia, called “Mimi Spirits” or “Mimis”. These mischievous and shy spirits taught the early indigenous Australian ancestors how to survive in the natural world. They were also known to inspire artists and musicians through dreams or the “dreamtime”.

Time spent in remote and even isolated locations allowed MiMi to explore the surrounding, natural beauty and discover beauty often overlooked in found objects such as reptile & fish bones, seed pods, mosses and lichen. These items worked their way into MiMi’s basket weaving, gourd craft and jewelry design. Eventually, in order to be more sustainable, MiMi began casting certain items using the “lost-wax” technique.

As time went by, she became proficient with Metal Clay and began taking texture from just about anything around, from old lace to reptile skin! Now MiMi focuses on very unique, often one-of-a-kind pieces made from re-purposed vintage beads and baubles which might have been discarded Often clients request a new piece made from old family jewelry with which they are not ready to part.