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Chef MiMi's Meal Clubs

There are two opportunities for experiencing the delicious, nutritious meals from Chef MiMi without hiring a private chef.

Chef MiMi’s Meal Club subscription includes two delicious options for local patrons. With MiMi’s Weekly Meals Service, participants receive an invitation to order a selection of entrees and sides from among her most requested, plant-based recipes. Subscribers collect fully prepared meals from MiMi at a local pick-up point. Meal Club members also receive invitations to join Chef MiMi as she prepares and serves delicious meals in the dining room for her Cooking Class Supper Club.

Weekly Meal Service

Introducing our Weekly Meal Order Service!

Every Wednesday, members receive a menu and order form, featuring that week’s dishes. Indulge in the convenience of choosing your favorites tailored to healthy, nutritious & YUM!

Simply submit your orders by the end of business on Friday to secure your culinary delights. Chef MiMi will craft your selections with care, ensuring a delicious and wholesome experience. Come Monday, your freshly prepared food will be ready for pickup at 4:30, providing a hassle-free solution to your weekly dining needs. Enjoy the luxury of delicious convenience with our Weekly Meal Order Service!

The order form for weekly meal service is only sent to you once you sign up for the club using the “opt in” form found on this page. Be sure to “white list” our email address so the forms will not be sent to your spam folder.

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Weekly Meal Service meals are available exclusively to Meal Clubs members for pick-up in the Brunswick, Georgia area. Sign up today to receive notifications about upcoming Weekly Meals Service events.

Supper Club
Experiential Dining Events

Welcome to Chef MiMi McGee’s Supper Club, where culinary exploration knows no bounds! Join me on a gastronomic journey as I take you on an extraordinary adventure through diverse cuisines and cooking techniques from around the globe. Each gathering is a unique experience, featuring carefully curated menus that showcase the rich tapestry of flavors our world has to offer. From the tantalizing spices of Southeast Asia to the savory delights of European classics, Supper Club is a celebration of culinary diversity. Immerse yourself in an evening of exquisite dishes, thoughtfully crafted to transport your taste buds to new heights. Embark on a delectable adventure with Chef MiMi McGee’s Supper Club and savor the world on your plate!
You can only learn about Supper Club events by becoming a Meal Club member.

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Subscribe to Chef MiMi’s Meals Clubs to receive invitations to Weekly Meal Service and Supper Club events. These events are available to subscribers only and limited to the Brunswick, Georgia and surrounding area. Subscribing to the invitation list is free, so don’t miss this chance to enjoy locally-sourced, fresh and healthy meals prepared by a professional chef and nutritionist.

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