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Fresh, Delicious Cooking
With Chef MiMi McGee!

Fresh, Delicious Cooking With
Chef MiMi McGee!



Chef MiMi shares her passion for delicious, locally-sourced eating through video and in-person demonstrations. Get helpful tips, learn new recipes, and gain a better understanding of healthy eating with MiMi’s videos and demonstrations. 

Chef MiMi provides a broad selection of dishes featuring some of her best recipes, including recipes focused on healthy eating for those with a variety of health concerns.

Video Demos with Easy, Yummy Recipes

Video Demos with Easy, Yummy Recipes

Follow along with MiMi as she demonstrates how to craft simple recipes that are both fast and delicious. Each video contains step-by-step instructions showing how to complete MiMi’s tried-and-true, crowd-pleasing recipes.

Get helpful tips, substitution recommendations, and more as you enjoy MiMi’s relaxed, warm manner and create delicious desserts, salads, and homemade dressings right alongside a professional chef.

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Cooking Demos by a Certified Health Coach

Cooking Demos by a Certified Health Coach

One of MiMi’s great passions is showing you how to increase the amount of healthful, whole-foods in your diet without sacrificing great taste. Learn how to plan healthy meals, which foods best support your body’s needs, and how to make delicious recipes that leave you smiling and feeling amazing.

With her dual certifications as a health coach in the Food for Life program by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and the L.E.A.N. Health Coach program by Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and her classical culinary training, MiMi is the perfect chef to help you gain the skills you need for a healthy diet supporting your specific dietary needs.

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