What are AGEs – Advanced Glycation End Products

What are Advanced Glycation  [AGEs]? You may have heard of AGEs before, but what exactly are they? AGEs, or advanced glycation end productss, are a type of compound that forms when proteins or fats combine with sugars. These compounds are known to contribute to increased inflammation and oxidative stress and can damage tissues, contributing to the development of various chronic diseases. AGEs, also known as glycotoxins, form when proteins and fats combine with sugars during cooking. These compounds can damage tissues and contribute to the development of chronic diseases. The body produces AGEs naturally, but they can also be produced through…

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5 Greens to Eat NOW!

You know how I love GREENS so let's talk about these beauties for a minute. How do we mix and match our green leafys to be sure we are getting a variety of nutrients? When it comes to leafy greens, most of us rely on the basics like romaine, leaf lettuce and spinach week after week - and while all of these provide health benefits, there is a huge selection of leafy greens in the produce aisle that you could potentially be missing! Shaking things up can help keep things fun and interesting in the kitchen while also diversifying your nutrient…

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Gut brain connection. Interaction, cooperation and health effects from emotions and thoughts to stomach digestive system. Enteric nervous system in human body. Signals from brain to digestive tract

Feed Your Second Brain for Good Health

The gut and brain are interconnected more than we previously thought—new research is proving it. These discoveries have huge potential to help people with gut issues with help from their brain. And help people with brain or mood issues with help from their gut.

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Debunking Nutrition Myths

Nutrition can be confusing. There is so much information out there, and much of it is flawed, misinterpreted, or flat-out false. Why do nutrition myths exist? Some reasons relate to who is putting the nutrition information out there. Many writers or bloggers who write about nutrition do not have the relevant educational and professional backgrounds. Other reasons relate to the messages themselves and how we share them. The core elements of evidence-based nutrition are not appealing or seductive; for example, “eat your fruits and vegetables.” This statement might be erroneously re-written as, “cure cancer by eating kale.” Such a statement may…

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