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“I want to bring the benefits of healthy eating to the forefront through deliciousness and taste.” ~ Chef MiMi McGee

Making the Best Meals You’ve Ever Eaten

MiMi McGee has enough acronyms following her name to qualify her for Iron Chef. Her journey began as a discovery in the culinary arts at prestigious Johnson & Wales, where she received classical training and began to explore her passion for sharing food with others.

MiMi brings energy and joy to her cooking. Her calm manner and broad knowledge base make her a valuable resource for those looking to expand their own knowledge of food preparation. 

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A Passion for Helping and Teaching Others

MiMi challenges the thinking that delicious food can’t also be healthy. She publishes and shares recipes, cooking tips and life insights, helping to foster a love for simple, nutritious meals with her many students and subscribers. MiMi is also a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Chef’s Move to Schools, and Women Chefs and Restaurateurs organizations. She also runs her own Leafy Café Cooking School when not visiting local Farmers Markets for the freshest, seasonal ingredients.

Wellness Adventures Partnership

In a partnership with Island Wellness Adventures, MiMi creates excellent, nutritious meals for adventure participants who enjoy yoga, meditation, and the restorative power of time spent in some of nature’s most beautiful places.

Perfectly Positioned to Bring You Unforgettable Meals

As a certified health coach and culinary expert prioritizing tasty, healthful foods, MiMi is perfectly positioned to deliver unforgettable meals to you as a private chef or through her cooking courses or video demonstrations.

MiMi McGee

Start Your Healthy-Eating 28 Refresh Today!

I provide a number of different meal plan menus, or will create something customized for you!

Chef MiMi McGee's Certifications and Awards

Food for Life Instructor – In 2010, MiMi’s commitment to health and (delicious) nutrition was recognized nationally when she became one of a handful of chefs to be selected by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to become a Food for Life Cooking Instructor. Food for Life is an award-winning program designed by medical professionals to teach nutritional eating based on the latest scientific research.

L.E.A.N Health Coach – The L.E.A.N. Health Coach program by Dr. Sears Wellness Institute is a top-ranked health coach certification program based on the science of health and wellness.

Dually certified in Plant-based nutrition and Weight Management Leadership, MiMi uses her classical culinary training to impart unique flavor and tastiness to healthful cooking.

ServSafe® Certified – MiMi is also ServSafe® certified as required by the state of Georgia.